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Anti-Aging Myths vs. Reality? What you need to know to survive the aging dilemma

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Honestly and truthfully....“Research shows that your diet is the best way to support your skin”. So, it’s best to be mindful of what you’re ingesting. No matter how much skincare product you use, it’s what you put inside your body that matters. Of course, products can help with moisturizing, deep penetration of nutrients, and work for all sorts of ailments, but nothing compares to eating what your body needs in conjunction with skin or beauty products.

Ensuring your diet is loaded with antioxidants, healthy fats, water, and essential nutrients help to guarantee that your body will positively show its appreciation. The skin is the largest organ of your body and is influenced the most by diet. Also, take note... the skin is the first part of your body to show internal trouble. No lotions, cream, moisturizer, masks, or serums will be able to satisfy your skin’s needs, as eating a correct diet.

Managing a proper diet which includes eating fruits and veggies is the safest and healthiest way to overcome dull complexions and fine lines. So, are you ready to glow?

Here are 5 of the best anti-aging supplements to nourish your body for the glow that comes naturally.

1. Selenium

This supplement mineral helps you secure your body from cancers, including skin cancer caused by sun exposure. It preserves tissue elasticity and slows down the aging of tissues associated with oxidation. You can consume selenium which is present in grain cereals, seafood, garlic, and eggs.

However, this mineral if taken in the form of a supplement should be taken orally or through the skin in the form of l-selenomethionine. It will give protection against excessive UV damage.

2. Vitamin E

People consider vitamin E to be one of the essential oxidants as it secures cell membranes and prevents damages to the enzymes associated with them. The natural sources of vitamin E can be found in vegetable oils as grains, oats, nuts, sunflower oil, and dairy products.

Moreover, vitamin E allows you to inactivate free radicals, making them less likely to cause damage. At the same time, other studies have shown that applying vitamin E to the skin can decrease sun damage and limit cancer-causing cells’ production.

vitamin c

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most common antioxidants built in the skin. It’s also discovered in vegetables and citrus fruits. Like vitamin E, vitamin C, is known to mend free radicals and prevent them from becoming cancerous or hastening the effects of the aging process.

Vitamin C, one of the most prevalent in the skin, suffers most from environmental influences. Smoking or sun exposure actually steals the nutrient from your body.

Even the slightest UV exposure can reduce the skin’s vitamin C levels by 30 percent, while exposure from the ozone of city pollution can decrease the level by 55 percent.

4. Avocados

Avocados are high in inflammation neutralizing fatty acids that promote smooth, supple skin. It carries a number of essential nutrients that may guard against the negative effects of aging. The nutrients are:

  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C, E, K and A
  • Potassium

Avocados provide the highest amount of vitamin A which allows you to get rid of dead skin cells to result in gorgeous glowing skin. Furthermore, it also helps block out toxins and harm from the sun’s rays and helps protect your body against skin cancers.

5. Nuts

Nuts are a great source of vitamin E, allowing you to repair skin tissues and protect yourself from harmful UV rays. The walnut contains an anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acid that may help:

  • Secure against sun damage
  • Strengthen skin cell membranes
  • Provides your skin with a glow by preserving its natural oil barrier.

So topping your veggies, yogurt, or oatmeal with walnuts will help your skin and it just tastes good!

Here are 5 Myths surrounding the aging process which you should avoid.

1. Sunscreen is Only Necessary if You're Sunbathing or on Sunny Days

False. If your weather app is forecasting a cloudy day don’t be tempted to skip the sunscreen. There are two types of UV light: UVA and UVB, with the UVA rays, which are generally linked to the aging of skin cells. These damaging rays tend to be the cause of wrinkles, sun spots, and other signs of sun damage. UVB rays are the principal cause of sunburn, directly damaging the DNA in skin cells, and are linked to most skin cancers. Even if you are indoors, but by a window, these rays can penetrate the glass and cause skin damage. So even when inside, wear sunscreen.

2. An Expensive Skin-care line is best

False. There is no need to procure a product with a hefty price tag to receive good results. Instead of judging by price tag, observe the ingredients list first and manufacturer second as pricing can be a reflection of marketing and branding. Sometimes the simplest and cheapest skincare products are often more effective than the more expensive alternatives.

Also, more is not necessarily the best approach. Overuse of Anti-aging products can cause redness and irritation to your skin. The more you use creams, serums, and moisturizers on your face, it could become an issue for you. Instead, start slow and natural, while giving your skin a chance to adapt to the new regimen. And then you can figure out the ideal concoction or beauty remedy that works for you.

3. Retinol Every Day

False. Even though retinol is an effective way to help your skin glow, using it too much can provide a sabotaging effect on your skin. It is a rough ingredient that should be avoided during the summers since it makes your skin more susceptible to sun damage, and it may become less effective when used frequently. Keep in mind that research for the best natural anti-aging products in the market today, can provide the additional help that your skin needs for rejuvenation.  Find a company that you trust, that can provide you with data for their products when asked and ingest those products in small doses, until you know what balance works for your body.  Also, if you especially have sensitive skin, take care to understand the ingredients that you are smoothing onto you skin.

4. A Night-time Routine is Better than a Day-time Routine

False. There are two totally different routines you should consider because there are different applications for day and night. During the day your skin needs protection from the elements… the sun, free radicals, etc. You’ll want to use products that have ingredients to protect your skin from these environmental situations, including pollution.

During the night your skin needs to rebuild.

5. Drink More Water!

False. We do hear this speech a lot… "drink your 8 glasses of water daily for glowing skin". However, there just isn’t data to back this myth up… however, it is great for the body overall to consume a good amount of water daily. Your body needs hydration, but not overhydration which also has some adverse health effects. If the fluid to electrolytes ratio within the bloodstream is off-balance, it can lead to abnormally low levels of sodium.

Final thoughts

As there are various product options available in the market today, it’s not necessarily the most expensive product that is the best product. You need to be vigilant about reading the label and search out products based upon that instead of branding/labeling while shopping for skin-care products. In short, you will have to make sure that you are getting what you need, the price is right and your body is receiving the highest amount of quality ingredients.

This article was researched and written to help the reader learn about a natural approach within your daily diet combined with a good product that works for your skin type. Plus, you can learn about the natural anti-aging supplements available at More Natural Healing. We provide natural supplements to ensure you receive the best results.

Our blog post is a collaborative effort by the founders of More Natural Healing in conjunction with Editors of Renewed Health Alliance, and our board of advisors including doctors, herbalists, and experts in using natural herbs and supplements to enhance our daily lives. We only provide information that has been researched, validated, and vetted for our posts and includes validation from experts in the herbal community.


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