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Can CBD vape juice help in the treatment of diabetes?

Diabetes type 2 is one of the leading disorders affecting most of the world’s population. In the USA alone, there are about 34.2 million diabetic people. Of this, 21.4% of cases have yet to be diagnosed.

This commonly occurring disease has become a primary global concern. Although we have insulin injections and lifestyle changes to curb this disease, scientists and researchers worldwide are still looking for alternative methods to deal with this issue.

One such probable treatment is CBD vape juice. As research suggests, CBD doesn’t just have a bunch of hazardous effects but shows multiple health advantages as well. It has been legalized in most states in the USA and Canada due to its health benefits on mental health disorders like ADHD, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

How does CBD vape juice counter diabetes?

A recent study conducted on NOD mice, i.e., Non-Obese Diabetic mice, demonstrated that these mice had an exceptionally lower risk of falling prey to diabetes when treated with CBD.

The subject of this study was mice. However, multiple factors must be considered here. The human body is designed differently than a mouse’s and may respond in a wholly different manner to the same treatment. Therefore, the effects may or may not be similar to that of the human body.

CBD vape juice

Secondly, in this study, we’re talking about consumable CBD oil and not smokable vape juice. The effects of smoking CBD are far more intense than when taken orally. Smoking vape juice causes it to enter the bloodstream directly, and it shows its results almost immediately. Upon consumption, the same CBD passes through the alimentary canal and gets assimilated into the bloodstream after a while. Therefore, its effects also occur a little later than smoking.

The mice fed upon consumable CBD oils which are known to have certain health benefits. However, as far as CBD vape juice is concerned, we’re yet to figure that out.

CBD vape juice isn’t utterly futile for diabetes either. Here are multiple ways vape juice helps counter the effects of diabetes even when it cannot address the root cause of the same.

CBD to treat Effects of Diabetes:

●     Reducing inflammation:

High glucose levels due to diabetes produce inflammation in the gut organs. This inflammation can interfere with the smooth functioning of vital internal processes. CBD vape juice reduces the intensity of these inflammation markers on the walls of the blood vessels so that there is no long-term damage to the vital organs of the gut.

●     Soothing pain:

Conditions like osteoarthritis are pretty painful due to inflammation. Vape juice calms down these areas, hence helping with pain management. Since CBD vape juice works well on inflammation, it also eases the pain that occurs because of inflammation.

●     Hormonal impact:

As mentioned before, CBD does have remote effects on one’s diabetic condition. For instance, it regulates the gut hormonal balance in addition to reducing insulin resistance. This regulation of hormones catalyzes therapeutic implications and beneficial lifestyle habits and shows their benefits faster and better on the body.

●     Promotes good fat:

CBD works towards converting white fat into slimming brown fat. Brown fat improves your body’s ability to use stored up glucose and gives you a lean appearance. In other words, it remotely aids in regulating blood glucose levels, thereby contributing to diabetic management.

●     Addresses obesity:

Diabetes and obesity often go hand in hand with one another. Since CBD improves the amount of brown fat, it contributes to weight management, thereby addressing obesity and nipping it in the bud.

What essential factors should one be aware of when taking vape juice?

The biggest takeaway from this subject is that vape juice has not yet been scientifically proven to work upon diabetes directly or manage blood glucose levels. The government has only allowed clinical trials for CBD to be conducted on humans starting in 2015. There is plenty of work on this front and many more hidden aspects to be discovered.

However, there are many indirect beneficial health effects, culminating in the prevention of diabetes in an individual. It is important to note that vape juice has no visible, known effects on blood glucose levels, cholesterol levels, insulin sensitivity, appetite, or any other markers in the body. But, when combined with healthy lifestyle changes, CBD supplements can catalyze recovery or prevention, but not treatment of diabetes, as per current research figures.

If you ever decide to use vape juice as a treatment for overall good health, there are certain precautions to bear in mind:

  • The CBD and THC content, as mentioned on the packaging, may not be completely accurate. Always consume CBD and other medications under the strict guidance of your health professional.
  • Vape juice can interfere with any current medications you may be on, like hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, or blood thinners.
  • The FDA has not yet regulated the dosage and quality of CBD supplements. Therefore, the consumer must keep a close tab on what they purchase and consume.
  • You can expect a few side effects like drowsiness, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, and dry mouth.

Even when taking CBD vape juice to improve one’s health, one must always back it up with relevant lifestyle changes. Reduce stressful activities, prevent hectic work hours, regulate your sleeping cycle, and focus on your dietary habits. Proper diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle habits are imperative to bring forward the best effects of such supplements.

Summing it up:

All benefits of CBD vape juice for diabetes management mentioned above are derived from studies conducted on mice. These benefits apply to the human body to some extent, but more research is needed.

There have been no dedicated studies on human beings that show how smoking vape juice can improve one’s resistance to diabetes as a health condition. However, multiple other indirect health advantages of vape juice prove to help manage overall good health, which, in turn, aids in diabetes management.

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Alexandra Doherty is a proficient content writer with comprehensive experience of 5+ years in the CBD vertical. She has always been passionate about writing and has gradually moved towards CBD because of its emerging benefits and uses. She has covered almost all the aspects of Cannabis, CBD, and related matters.

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