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Anxiety has become the most common mental health issue today. Especially in the USA, more than 18% of people are suffering from different degrees of Anxiety. Some causes of anxiety include health conditions such as overactive thyroid, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Getting an accurate diagnosis can assure that you receive the best treatment.

Everyone has been there, with all those anxious thoughts, which they can’t manage. Thankfully! There are some natural remedies that you can easily find in your pantry. Brewing healthy mixes, like immune-boosting mushroom coffee, bedtime milk, or any other wholesome cure. We all know what it feels like to be stressed out before a meeting or exam. However, if the sense of disaster is never-ending then it may be a sign of chronic anxiety and you might need to reset your baseline. Unfortunately, the medical system solutions to anxiety fall short for many people.

If you are struggling with anxiety, you may be considering supplementing your treatment with CBD oil. But what’s the evidence that the CBD works?

Discover how CBD oil can help you with anxiety and provides no side effects. There is mounting evidence suggesting that some people can find relief from anxiety with these natural remedies provided by Mother Nature. Moreover, we have rounded up the top 10 advantages CBD products provide and how it may help in reducing anxiety symptoms.

  • Here’s how CBD for Anxiety Works

Generalized Anxiety

With a generalized anxiety disorder, it is scientifically proven that CBD oil helps in reducing stress. People consuming CBD oil are showing lower signs of anxiety. These related anxiety symptoms such as increased heart rate also improved with the help of CBD products.

Other Forms of Anxiety

Other disorders such as social anxiety, post-trauma stress disorder can also be treated through the help of CBD products. It also treats insomnia as well. A study was performed, in which people with a social anxiety disorder were given 400 milligrams of CBD oil. In this study, people experienced overall reduced anxiety levels.

Also, post-trauma stress disorder can be treated through Cannabidiol, as it helps in handling nightmares and replaying negative memories. These prove that CBD is a good supplement to use in conjunction with traditional treatments like medication and cognitive behavioral therapy. One can sometimes abate away from these traditional treatments and have success with CBD products alone.

Other Neurological Disorders

CBD is also used in other neurological disorders. Some studies have shown evidence to suggest that CBD can help with a wide range of these types of disorders. However, these studies were uncontrolled. One study found that it has anti-psychotic effects in people with schizophrenia. Also, it is stated that it does not have any debilitating effects on antipsychotic drugs.

Treatment for Anxiety and Chronic Stress

If you choose to supplement with a CBD product for the treatment of your anxiety, we encourage you to speak with your doctor first.

  • How Does CBD works?

cbd oil

The human body reacts differently to the signals they receive from diverse stimuli. There are various receptors that are attached to the cells. CBD oil interacts with CB1 and CB2 which are mostly found in the central nervous system. It alters serotonin signals which play an important role in your mental health.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, and low serotonin is related to people who have depression, while not having enough serotonin is associated with anxiety. To treat the low serotonin CBD oil has shown to help. However, a prescription is needed for the treatment plan.

  • How Much Dosage Should I Consume?

You should consult a doctor before consuming CBD oil products for your anxiety. They will help you figure out how much dosage you need. It’s always best, to begin with, a low dosage and build from there to determine what is correct for your body.

In addition, the researchers who conducted the CBD test found that an oral dose of 300 mg, is enough to reduce your anxiety. At the same time, those who consume as little as 150 mg saw only minor benefits from the usage of CBD oil, while it was more beneficial to those who took 600 mg.

Depending on what dosage you consume, CBD oil should be absorbed under the guidance of your physician. So, you are not at any risk when it comes to combining CBD oil with any other anti-depressant medication.

  • How to Buy CBD Oil?

CBD products are allowed for specific medical purposes in the USA. In some instances, it is best to get a license from your doctor to consume CBD oil.

If CBD is approved in your state, you can make a purchase of it through our online store. As more studies are performed on the benefits of cannabis, it may soon be considered a legally consumable product throughout the USA, leading to wider availability nationwide.

CBD oil definitely offers potential alternative solutions to those who are suffering from anxiety or stress. If you are considering the consumption of CBD for anxiety you should first speak with your doctor to help determine the right treatment for you.

  • Evidence that CBD soothes Anxiety in Rodents as well as Humans and Reduces Epilepsy

Research has been carried out in recent times on rodents. These recent 32 different studies which were carried out to test the effects of CBD on anxiety in the rodent returned successful results. Not one test turns out negative.

The experiments which were carried out on humans provide evidence that shows CBD improves performance anxiety both for people with or without anxiety disorders and also on those with social anxiety disorders. It also was able to reduce the number of epilepsy seizures, and in some cases, it was able to stop them altogether.

In Summary,

CBD oil is a chemical found within the marijuana and industrial hemp plant. It helps to relieve anxiety and unlike THC, cannabinoid doesn’t cause any feeling of intoxication or high. Lots of research is now available about CBD oil for anxiety and how it can be an available treatment option for you.

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