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How do you know your CBD is processed correctly?


CBD Oil is a fantastic supplement; it is a mixture of a variety of therapeutic properties. CBD oil products can be extracted from both hemp and cannabis plants, although it is most often extracted from the stalks and stems of industrial hemp plants. However, there are a variety of unscrupulous participants in this growing industry that produce CBD products, which can be a scam. These low-quality CBD oils may not offer the same levels of benefits than CBD provided by the top-rated CBD oil.

Some signs will help you to understand the quality of CBD oil, which can determine if it’s reliable or not. It is not easy for consumers to determine if their CBD products are top quality, even when they claim they are trustworthy. Yet, there are few regulations, which can help you monitor and regulate these claims. 

Here, we have gathered the top five ways to help you identify which CBD oil products are of high quality.

1. How it is Manufactured

The CBD oil industry has just begun; there aren’t many regulations that control the manufacturing process. Every sector has adopted its own extraction methods. Some companies have accepted cheap methods for extracting CBD oil while others use food-grade ethanol to process their CBD products.

Look for the method that extracts the highest number of cannabinoids and supercritical CO2 extraction. It is strongly advised to know about your vendor's production method too, which is accessible on their respective website. Always select CBD that has been processed through ethanol or supercritical CO2 extraction.

2. The source of CBD Matters

Get to know about the hemp plant’s characteristics. If the hemp plant grew in rich soil, the resulting variety would be of good quality. Moreover, if the hemp plant is cultivated on lands rich in mercury or lead, the result will reflect the number of heavy metals absorbed by the plant. Thus, it’s important to know where the plant is processed and grown as these less desirable growing areas make it risky for anyone to consume. 

Unfortunately, some manufacturers would choose to use such low-quality hemp. Hence, it becomes critical to check where the CBD product is grown and produced. 

3. Check the Amount of THC present

Tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the substances present in both marijuana and agricultural hemp, which is responsible for giving you the “high”. THC is present in CBD products, however, when the products are produced from industrial Hemp the levels of THC are actually meniscal, 0.3%, or less, making it perfect for processing.  You should check the optimal level of THC present in any CBD oil you purchase, which should not exceed more than 0.3 percent. So make sure to check the labels before purchasing them. 

4. Check for Process Method


Another quality that you should look out for is the process method. Is what your purchasing using the whole plant or only one part of the plant. If the entire hemp plant is used both primary and secondary constituents will ensure the oil contains other properties, not just CBD. It includes terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids that are very important and enhance the benefits of CBD.

Check the labels to determine what process is used in production. Some brands also use full-spectrum, C02, or distillate instead of the whole plant.  All are fine, but it’s just a good idea to know what process your product is made from. 

5. Check the Third-Party Lab Results

When you use a high-quality brand, the company will provide you with a third party label to inform their customers “what’s in the bottle”. They want to make sure that their product is what they claim to be whether it contains a high level of CBD or low THC or even if its lacking impurities which can be harmful to consumers. 

The most well-known brands always include these recent lab results on their website, while other less scrupulous brands may omit this information altogether. 

CBD oil is one of the top growing industries of the 21st century. While there are brands which, just look to satisfy their customers, other brands look to maintain a level of integrity. The CBD enforcement is likely to increase with time, especially after the legalization of hemp. But until this happens, you need to ensure which CBD oil brands you can trust. 

We have stated the five most important things that you should look for when purchasing your CBD products. It is very crucial to take care and do research before making a choice. With the help of the above points, hopefully, it can become easier for you to make the right purchase. 

In Summary,

CBD is a compounded product made from the cannabis plant and is quickly growing and headed towards mainstream acceptance. It has now available in a variety of products like tinctures, drops to infuse edibles, balms, and a range of other products. CBD is also becoming famous among pet owners who wish to help their pets live healthier lives. 

Hence, before making a purchase, you should keep certain things in mind that will help you pick out the best and most trustworthy products from this growing market.

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Our blog post is a collaborative effort by the founders of More Natural Healing in conjunction with Editors of Renewed Health Alliance, and our board of advisors including doctors, herbalists, and experts in using natural herbs and supplements to enhance our daily lives. We only provide information that has been researched, validated, and vetted for our posts and includes validation from experts in the herbal community.  A person of interest on our team is:
Cindy Burrows, B.S., M.T., Herbalist, and Nutritional Health Consultant. Cindy helps individuals start health programs to improve their life, wellness, and happiness. She is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur of several businesses. Cindy is a contributing writer and blogger for More Natural Healing & Renewed Health Alliance

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