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Is it a Must to Have a Medical Marijuana Card to get the Benefits of CBD? NO!

medical marijuana card

CBD oil products are now legally available without any prescription in the USA.

With the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill, it opened up the CBD market and growth is positioned to explode. One of the many reasons for this growth is that cannabis has many proven benefits. This new frontier is ever-changing, but the need to purchase CBD or medical marijuana without a medical marijuana card is finally here. In the past twenty years, there have been various ups and downs to the legalization of CBD hemp products, but the variety of benefits of CBD re beginning to out-weigh any negative remaining stigma.

CBD oil products have surged the demand in recent years, whereas many people are still wondering how CBD has been authorized. But let’s be very clear, CBD products are made from oil which is extracted from hemp and not from marijuana. And it is available throughout the USA without any medical marijuana card or doctor’s recommendation. 

How is it legal to Buy CBD without a prescription?

You can buy CBD oil products without a prescription because it is now officially excluded from USA controlled substances ACT, while marijuana is prohibited under federal law. Thus, you do not need a medical marijuana card to purchase CBD products. The reason why CBD oil is legal is due to the following: 

  • The marijuana plant substance is excluded from the mature stalk and oils from cannabis seeds. Thus, creating a product that is legal for sale and to consume. 
  • Another reason is that hemp features a rich history and this cannabis strain (hemp) plant contains less than a 0.3 percent concentration of THC. 

These reasons paved the way for cultivators to grow hemp for CBD oil. You can purchase CBD hemp oil products in our online shop where we ship directly to all 50 states with no prescription required. You can browse through our website for varieties of CBD hemp oil products. 

The Difference Between Prescription and Recommendation!

It’s a topic of frequent discussion, medical marijuana when the terms are interchangeable. The US legislation prevents the physician from issuing a prescription for CBD oil, while you can only receive a recommendation for medical cannabis. Whereas in other countries, still very few governments permit prescriptions for medical marijuana. 

The difference is extremely vital to understand, as the prescriptions for medical marijuana are not fraudulent but also unusable. These prescriptions are not accepted by pharmacies, thus leaving you without the medicine you need to ease your symptoms.  Typically medical dispensaries are where you must use these medical marijuana cards.  However, when it comes to CBD oil products you do not need a physician’s recommendation to purchase it. 

CBD Oil is Treated as a Dietary Supplement 

The CBD hemp-based products are considered as a dietary supplement in the USA, meaning you can purchase it online or in stores nationwide. It is an excellent source of various beneficial outcomes, including reduced anxiety, inflammation and is excellent for pain management.  CBD oil products contain various other cannabinoids, Omega 3, Omega 6 and fatty acids, Vitamins A, B, C and E, iron, Calcium, Beta-carotene, and Magnesium. 

Things to look for when choosing CBD oil Products

cbd oil

If you are considering the consumption of CBD oil, you need to keep a few points in mind. First and foremost is to purchase CBD from a reputable distributor that will show you product certificates or you can source a licensed medical physician that offers CBD. Before making a purchase assess the company and its products. Inquire about the product information such as Origin, purity, additives, and extraction. If the company has negative reviews, prevents requests for additional information, it is best to look for another provider for your CBD oil products.  

When you need a Medical Marijuana Card?

The marijuana card is prohibited in 33 states across the USA and Washington DC has passed laws to legally access marijuana from a physician. However, those who want to buy Marijuana should firstly buy marijuana cards.     

This law applies to cannabis products that are derived from marijuana, not the hemp plant. These rules do not affect the legalization of CBD oil, which can be purchased without the requirement of a medial card. 

 In Summary,

Despite the variety of benefits of CBD, at this time, still, there are some places where CBD consumption remains illegal to consume. Nevertheless, CBD is authorized to ship to all 50 states and NO you do not need a marijuana medical card to purchase CBD. Due to the confusion between these 2 distinctly different strains of the cannabis plant, many residents are left in a bewilder mind-set. Thus, arising the question by qualifying patients, that a prescription is needed for purchasing CBD oil.  Medical marijuana, which is an entirely different strain, requires a medical marijuana card to purchase, but CBD from the hemp cannabis plant does not require these same restrictions. 

So NO, you don’t need a medical prescription to purchase CBD oil products.


Our blog post is a collaborative effort by the founders of More Natural Healing in conjunction with Editors of Renewed Health Alliance, and our board of advisors including doctors, herbalists, and experts in using natural herbs and supplements to enhance our daily lives. We only provide information that has been researched, validated, and vetted for our posts and includes validation from experts in the herbal community.  A person of interest on our team is:
Cindy Burrows, B.S., M.T., Herbalist, and Nutritional Health Consultant. Cindy helps individuals start health programs to improve their life, wellness, and happiness. She is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur of several businesses. Cindy is a contributing writer and blogger for More Natural Healing & Renewed Health Alliance

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