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Strengthing Your Immune System: How to Live Longer?

Strengthing Your Immune System

The cases of coronavirus continue to rise, taking precautions like washing your hands frequently, exercising, social distancing and getting enough sleep are some ways to fight against the infection. Yet you are forgetting one main factor… build your immune system. When you are eating good and enjoying healthy foods including fruits and vegetables with a high intake of nutrients, it will help in building a healthy immune system. A healthy immune system means your body will have enough nutrition to fight against any disease.

Even though there is no proper information on food that aids in fighting against COVID-19…Consuming certain foods can improve your health and strengthen your body’s ability to fight and fend off viruses. Whether you are looking to prevent the common cold or flu, eating certain fruits and vegetables loaded with nutrition and minerals, often known as antioxidants aid in boosting the immune system.

The human body needs antioxidants to repair cell damage caused by molecular chemical changes as you age. So to fight against it, maintaining healthy habits is important to live a long fit life.

Here are some foods to stock up and eat during such time when flu is all around you, let’s get to know these foods:

1. Green Vegetables

Vegetables such as broccoli and spinach are valuable in providing the body the nutrition it needs. Consuming broccoli provides ample amounts of vitamin C which is packaged with antioxidants and phytochemicals that support your immune system. It also contains vitamin e, an antioxidant that is rich in fighting against viruses. Get the most out of this vegetable by eating it raw with some garlic or by adding a bell-pepper with some cheese and mushrooms.

Just as broccoli or spinach is rich in vitamin C and contains antioxidants that protect from any flu. Moreover, it also contains Vitamin A which is also an important part of proper immune function.

2. Fruits with Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one nutrient that should be included in your diet and you can add in it many ways. One of which is fruits. Some fruits like strawberries and oranges are rich in providing vitamin C. The vitamin C in strawberries helps in strengthening your immune system. It also helps to protect the cells from any harm caused by free radicals that your body is often exposed to. Hence, eating fruits that are rich in vitamin C can be proven as a natural supplement for immune support.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is a rich source of probiotics, that promotes a healthy gut and a powerful immune system. Moreover, it is said that probiotics are helpful in fighting against any flu or viruses like respiratory infections. Consuming plain yogurt is recommended over the flavored options or you can make your own flavored yogurt at home.

4. Chickpeas

Chickpeas contain a lot of proteins along with various essential nutrients made of Amico acids that help in the growth and repair of body tissues. The nutrient is also involved in maintaining enzymes to keep your body system working properly. Chickpeas have zinc which helps in the protection of your immune system and works to boost immune health. Roasted chickpeas are the best to consume and also makes a great snack or salad topper. So, include this perfect food to boost immune support and have a tasty option within your diet!

5. Red Bell Peppers

Red Bell Peppers

Red bell peppers are supreme in providing rich vitamin C. So, the daily intake of Vitamin C is important for good health because the human body doesn’t produce it naturally. You can always add a slice of red bell pepper to your salads or meals or even as a snack. They are exceptionally tasty “cold” and straight out of the refrigerator as a snack! Red bell peppers are packed with antioxidants, help you burn calories, and work at protecting your immune system against harmful disease.

Even if you consume one cup of chopped bell peppers it contains about 211% of your daily value of vitamin C. Therefore, don’t forget to add it in your diet plan to remain safe from diseases like the flu!

6. Garlic

Historically, Garlic has helped in eradicating the common cold. Those who consume garlic supplements were less likely to catch any cold than those who don’t take this supplement. It’s also an easy vegetable… yes it’s considered a vegetable, not an herb… that you can add to your meals.

Garlic immunity power comes from its heavy concentration of sulfur-containing compounds that fight some infection. This vegetable is not only packaged with flavors but it has many health benefits which include reducing blood pressure and also reducing the risk of heart disease.

7. Mushrooms

Vitamin D is an important source to boost your immune system. But, when you can’t walk out into the sun daily, another great way to boost your immune system is by consuming mushrooms. This unique type of fungus helps in enhancing your bone health and some varieties may also protect you against cancers and lung diseases. Mushrooms also make a great side dish or appetizer.

In Summary,

The next time you head out to the grocery store, fill your cart with fresh fruits and vegetables. These culinary delights can be consumed in many different ways, can elevate your health and boost your immune system. Your body with thank you!!

There are many sources from where you can get the nutrition to boost your immune system. The above mentioned are simply some of them. You can also add some vitamins or supplements to your diet from More Natural Healing.

Our blog post is a collaborative effort by the founders of More Natural Healing in conjunction with Editors of Renewed Health Alliance, and our board of advisors including doctors, herbalists, and experts in using natural herbs and supplements to enhance our daily lives. We only provide information that has been researched, validated, and vetted for our posts and includes validation from experts in the herbal community.  A person of interest on our team is:
Cindy Burrows, B.S., M.T., Herbalist, and Nutritional Health Consultant. Cindy helps individuals start health programs to improve their life, wellness, and happiness. She is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur of several businesses. Cindy is a contributing writer and blogger for More Natural Healing & Renewed Health Alliance

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