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How to Age Gracefully - Prevention and Natural Longevity

How to Age Gracefully - Prevention and Natural Longevity
For the prevention of aging and natural longevity, we need to increase our intake of compounds that help reverse some of these aging causes, like our inflammatory response to the stresses of everyday life. This helps us rebuild and renew our bodies. More Natural healing provides natural supplements for inflammation and pain, which helps you fight chronic pain easily.

Chronic Pain and What Causes it! Discover a Natural Remedy For Chronic Pain

How Fibrin can be broken down with Zen-Alleve a powerful pain relief natural formula

This combination of herbs, extracts, roots and special all natural compounds help with all kinds of Pain:

  • Back pain from surgery, accidents or stress
  • Neck pain from nerves, bone or stress
  • Knee pain from less cartilage or just aging pains
  • Joint pain like arthritis
  • Nerve pain like with MS or neuropathy from diabetes
  • Fibromyalgia pain
  • Abdominal pain, PMS as with menstrual cycles 

10 Reasons to Use Herbs as a Natural Remedy

How Herbs help to Heal our Bodies!
Herbal medicine works well with modern medicine. I think we can all agree on this, right? Complementary medicine is one of the fastest growing areas of modern healthcare and for good reason. It works. My herbalist friend and board member Stefanie Dwyer whom I have known for over 15 years, sees many patients, which I’m told had been previously diagnosed with a variety of health issues, get markedly better results when combining herbal formulas to a pharmaceutical protocol. Using “fu zheng” therapy for all kinds of people dealing with various ailments consistently showed marked improvement with recovery time.


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