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The Protective Effects of the HauiNiu Xi Root

HauiNiu Xi Root

HauiNiu Xi Root is one of the most famous Chinese herbs with its long history of cultivation and application in China. The name originated from the historical Huai Qing Fu located in today’s Jiaozuo area in the Henan province. This root, because of the cylindrical achyranthes plant structure has an angular stem with an enlarged node that looks like a bull’s knee. This node and plant have the healing power of a strong bull, hence the name of this enlarged node. It is also known as AchyranthesBidentata, which is a species of the flower family. It grows within India, Nepal, China, and Japan. The plant is a source of Chinese natural healing products and its root has a protective effect to reinforce the muscles and strengthen bones.

Commonly it is used to unblock collateral and activate blood. Clinically physicians prescribe this herbal product for treatments like arthritics, osteoproliferation, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Representation of the Herb

  • The plant is a perennial herb, which is 30 to 100cm long, and the root is 0.6 to 1cm in diameter with an earthy yellow skin.
  • The stems of the plant are erect, four-angled, and have this slightly enlarged node with opposite branches on the nodes.
  • The root consists of dry, fleshy, long roots with a thin cork-like structure, and is yellowish grey in color with a sweet taste.
  • The crown of the herb should be cut off.

What are the Root Benefits?

The herbs are cultivated outside of Northern China and you can find natural healing products in Wuzhi County, Jiaozuo city, Henan province. This herbal plant is characterized as stout, bright, and oily. It is one of the highly valued therapeutic herbs, which has extensive medicinal uses, providing tons of health benefits.

Thus, it has also been developed into anachyranthes tea, extract, tablets, and so on. Moreover, in terms of traditional Chinese Medicine, this herb has extraordinary healing powers to guide stones formed within the gallbladder, kidney, bladder, and urethra downward and thus discharging the stone out from the body.

Effects of HauiNiu Xi Root

The herb has known to have amazing power, to cure many illnesses and health problems. In addition to all its perks that harness the power of the bull or node of the plant, here is some pharmacological benefit of theHauiNiu Xi Root.

  • The saponins have obvious stimulation on the uterine smooth muscle.
  • It has anti-fertility, anti-implantation, and anti-pregnancy effects.
  • Its alcohol extract has cardiac inhibition on experimental small animals.
  • The herb extraction process has myocardial inhibition on the anesthetized dogs.
  • Ecdysterone has a lipid-lowering effect, while significantly lower blood sugar.
  • The natural plant helps in improving immune functions.
  • HauiNiu Xi Root has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on your body.
  • Its extract has an effect on lowering blood pressure and mild diuretic effects, accompanied by respiratory excitatory effects.
  • Studies have shown this herb has positive effects on depression and rheumatoid arthritis patients

Proven Health Benefits of Natural Healing products

HauiNiu Xi Root

The herbal plant is bitter and sour in flavor while neutral in nature and covers two meridians of liver and kidney. The basic functions of this holistic wellness product are tonifying the liver and kidney, strengthening muscles, bones, activating blood to promote menstruation, guiding fire downward, and inducing diuresis for treating painful urination.

  1. It helps formulate the absence of menstruation due to blood stasis, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, and postpartum abdominal pain.
  2. It treats the preservation of the placenta by combining with dong Quai, Qu Mai, Dong KuiZi, and more.
  3. The herb treats the retention of the placenta by combining with dong Quai, Qu Mai, and more.
  4. You can treat mouth sores and inflammation of gums. It also cures dizziness caused by hyperactivity of the liver. 

These are just a few of the proven benefits of HauiNiu Xi Root. However, the use of this drug should be avoided during pregnancy. Nevertheless, this herb is one of the most valued medicinal herbs in modern Eastern and Western practice, which has extensive medicinal uses and provides tons of health benefits.

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