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What are the Best Natural Supplements Proven To Reduce Anxiety And Stress?


Anxiety is a known reaction to stress, whether it’s related to life or work, or being confronted by an unexpected change to your daily life. An anxious mood comprehends it along with increased alertness. Such an enhanced state is stimulated by the stress hormone.

Even though anxiety is a normal stress reaction, it becomes overwhelming when it starts to harm you. It no doubt is a natural response when your security is threatened, however, you must take care to ensure it is under control.

De-stressing techniques can be through daily meditation, or by incorporating Yoga into your morning routine. And, there are other helpful ways to ensure that anxiety is under control, one of which is anti-anxiety supplements. You can consume these types of supplements if your stress starts to become an ongoing overwhelming process. However, as a general rule, it’s always best to consult a doctor before you purchase supplements.

These other treatment options mentioned for anxiety that include therapy, or medication, or both can be used in conjunction with anti-anxiety supplements. Keeping a mind-body focus is not only perfect for the soul, but these techniques in conjunction with anti-anxiety supplements help to balance your life. At More Natural Healing, we incorporate our company goals and motto which is... “Get a balanced life from Nature for the life Nature intended”.

To help further our overall goals, here are a few of the best anti-anxiety supplements to allow relief from the burden of uncertainty that having anxiety brings.

1. Vitamin B Complex

Low energy results in irritability and stress. In such a situation, you can consume vitamin B, which aids in keeping energy levels high and boosting cognitive performance. It can have a positive effect.

Further, vitamin B complex reduces “personal strain” and depressed feelings when in high-pressure situations. In short, it bears a sense of calm and stability. If you want to be more relaxed under stress or strain, taking a daily vitamin B complex could be of significant help.

2. Magnesium

Magnesium is essential for muscle and nerve function. It is mostly known however, as a significant mineral for sleep. Search for supplements that contain this mineral to also help with anti-anxiety.

Sleeplessness and stress go hand-in-hand, for the most part, struggle and frustration of tossing and turning in bed all night. If that is something you fight with or experience often, then magnesium is worth taking.

Sleeplessness and stress go hand-in-hand, for the most part, struggle and frustration of tossing and turning in bed all night. If that is something you fight with or experience often, then magnesium is worth taking.

3. L-Theanine

L-Theanine is an amino acid that is available in green and black tea. It is a light sedative and anti-anxiety agent.

If you consume L-Theanine, it will reduce the stress response and cortisol levels under challenging scenarios. Moreover, L-theanine has been suggested to have potential therapeutic effects in psychiatric disorders. In a randomized control trial test in 2019, it was confirmed that people had decreased scores who were treated with L-theanine for stress-related symptoms (i.e., depression, anxiety-trait, and sleep) and cognitive function (i.e., verbal fluency and executive function) scores improved after four weeks of L-theanine administration.

You can start with the lowest yet effective dosage of L-theanine. You can often find these supplements in 200 mg capsules. However, do not exceed 400 mg without first asking your doctor.

4. Multivitamin


A supplement that carries a vast range of vitamins and minerals may be advantageous to people with anxiety. A 2019 study found that supplementing with the following nutrients significantly decreased anxiety in young adults: B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Further, A 2018 study reports that multivitamin supplements may benefit people who have mood disorders such as anxiety.

Considering the results of these studies you can benefit your body by searching for multivitamin supplements from a natural medicine store to find options that will elevate any mood disorders such as anxiety. Every individual supplement brand holds a contrasting composition of ingredients. So it’s important to check the labels and check with a doctor first.

5. Valerian Root

Anxiety and sleep problems have long had significant impacts on the quality of life and functionality of individuals. The extracts of valerian root have been widely used for a long time by the population and physicians, for their sedative effects.

Valerian Root is an enduring plant native to Europe and has shown to help in nervousness, anxiety, and sleep disturbances for many centuries. There is also evidence that valerian root helps in treating insomnia. This is largely due to its calming, sedative effect.

Due to a lack of sleep, there will be an increase in stress. For that, one of the best things you can do to improve your stress levels is to get a good night’s rest. If valerian root provides you with quality sleep, it can be an active, low side effect tool in your de-stressing strategy.

6. Rhodiola

For centuries, Rhodiola, a native plant to Asia and Europe’s arctic regions, has a rich medical history. This plant is also commonly referred to as Golden Root.

This supplement is shown to decrease stress, enhance alertness and overall mood and provide a boost in energy. In a recent trial study, it was demonstrated that participants had a significant reduction in self-reported anxiety, stress, anger, confusion and depression at the 14 day mark of the trial and a significant improvement in total mood.

So, if you are suffering from less alertness during work, Rhodiola can be helpful to you. Moreover, it helps people to deal with fatigue. Since exhaustion often contributes to stress, anything that reduces fatigue can aid in the battle against stress.

In conclusion, Rhodiola rosea has robust traditional and pharmacological evidence of use in fatigue, and emerging evidence supporting cognition and mood.

The Bottom Line:


A variety of reasons can cause stress. Several vitamins and other supplements are linked to decrease stress symptoms, some of which are mentioned above.

You can find anti-anxiety supplements from More Natural Healing to start your process of overcoming anxiety. The Cool Mood anti-anxiety formula has been reviewed by doctors and scientists alike to ensure it contains quality ingredients to help reduce the everyday stress most people experience.

If stress happens to be an ongoing issue in your life, you can speak with a medical professional about this formula and other possible solutions.

Our blog post is a collaborative effort by the founders of More Natural Healing in conjunction with Editors of Renewed Health Alliance, and our board of advisors including doctors, herbalists, and experts in using natural herbs and supplements to enhance our daily lives. We only provide information that has been researched, validated, and vetted for our posts and includes validation from experts in the herbal community.  A person of interest on our team is:
Cindy Burrows, B.S., M.T., Herbalist, and Nutritional Health Consultant. Cindy helps individuals start health programs to improve their life, wellness, and happiness. She is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur of several businesses. Cindy is a contributing writer and blogger for More Natural Healing & Renewed Health Alliance


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