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Why CBD Edible Gummies Have Become So Popular

cbd edibles gummies

The post-legalization of marijuana helped usher a new method of consuming the green plant's magnitude of benefits without its psychoactive effects, like CBD edible gummies. CBD edible gummies offer the consumer a distinct experience… chewy… tasty… simple… colorful… fun… and easy to ingest, which sets them apart from other CBD ingestible products. However, in the past, these fun and colorful ingestible contributors to better health have faced severe criticism. Gummies and other CBD consumed goods were labeled with the common misconception that any derived substance from the marijuana plant should be labeled as a drug.

As our society evolves and dives into the more recent studies behind the many compounds within this miracle plant, it is now clear what contributes to the popularity of these CBD edible gummies. These discoveries are expanding and the fact that CBD is a non-psychoactive compound of the marijuana plant, as opposed to its cousin THC, has contributed to understanding the benefits of CBD. This natural plant given to us by Mother Nature contains distinctively different compounds. THC providing the user with the psychoactive high, yet CBD providing a multitude of health benefits. In short, CBD edible gummies do not interfere with the everyday life of the consumer.

There are 2 distinctly different strains of this plant, the marijuana plant that produces the cannabis flower, leaves and contains 10-14% or more THC and the hemp plant that grows taller, has a stalk and seeds used to make textiles, food, paper… and contains less than 0.3% THC. CBD is a natural compound found in the HEMP plant and offers therapeutic and other health benefits. We must educate the public on these very different aspects.

How CBD Edible Gummies Work Their Magic

cbd gummies

The CBD compound in CBD infused gummies works by stimulating the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS comprises of two receptors CB1 and CB2, which receive the endocannabinoid produced by the body.

You need to know that these same receptors can also react with Phytocannabinoids or plant-derived cannabinoids, including THC derived from the marijuana plant. The THC binds to CB1 receptors. However, CBD never interacts with either of the cannabinoid receptors.

CBD activates the other non-cannabinoid receptors as well as ion channels. It also affects the uptake of neurotransmitters, including anandamide and serotonin.

The Receptors That CBD Activates

  • 5-HT1A Serotonin, which helps improve mood, provides relief from anxiety, depression, and other mental issues.

  • TRPV1 Vanilloid, which helps the body in managing pain, inflammation, and regulation of the body temperature.

  • GPR55, CBD works as an antagonist for this receptor, which helps in managing blood pressure and bone density.

  • The PPAR’s nuclear receptors located on the surface of cell nuclei work with CBD to decrease the risk of growth of human tumors.

CBD works on different molecular levels, which offers the consumer distinct effects and benefits.

Benefits of Consuming CBD

cbd gummies edibles

CBD offers many health benefits, including:

  • Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

CBD is highly effective in managing the body’s inflammatory response. Although acute inflammation is a normal response to the body fighting off any infection, chronic inflammation will damage the healthy tissues and cause many other health issues. CBD is effective in reducing chronic inflammation, which can occur due to arthritis, IBD, and other issues.

There is no doubt that the CBD products are a good alternative for an individual to fend off inflammation and get relief from arthritis symptoms.

  • Anxiolytic Properties

CBD has a positive effect on both anxiety and depression, but many still do not understand how this is accomplished. Medical research points out its ability to increase both serotonin and anandamide levels inside the brain. Both of these compounds are important in controlling one’s emotions and mood. It also helps in stimulating brain cell growth in critical areas of the brain.

  • Keeps Skin Healthy

Many of the CBD skin products help activate specific receptors inside the skin. It stimulates new cell growth and manages the symptoms, including inflammation and itching. These properties make it the best option for taking care of conditions such as eczema, acne, and others.

Why You Should Try CBD Edible Gummies

Although there are different CBD products, including oils and tinctures, or capsules, nothing offers a better “way” of consuming CBD like CBD edible gummies. For starters, these provide long-lasting relief from pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

Let us look at some of the benefits offered by these sweets.

  • Easy to Consume

The majority of CBD edible gummies come with clear instructions on consumption. Although it can differ from brand to brand, 10mg to 25mg is the standard dose. With such a small dosage, the body can easily get accustomed to CBD as a supplement, depending on one’s metabolism.

  • Reduces Headaches

Headaches can be frequent but sometimes highly difficult to diagnose and treat, as in migraines. The CBD in CBD edibles gummies is useful in helping the person deal with these plaguing symptoms. It is highly effective in dealing with inflammation and nociceptive pain, which can be debilitating. The nociceptive signaling to the brain controlled by the endocannabinoid, which helps prevent headaches, can further reduce the negative effects by using CBD.

  • Can Lower Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress can become an unbearable condition if either of these becomes chronic. The CBD in these gummies targets 5-HT1A serotonin receptors, which works towards managing stress, depression, and anxiety. These receptors, when work with CBD, can improve one’s mood and reduce the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress.

  • Long-Lasting Relief

As compared to other products, CBD edible gummies take time to get absorbed into the body. In short, the effects take a bit longer to materialize… so by consuming CBD consistently will ensure the health benefits last longer. It is the best option for those suffering from chronic conditions, which demand a lasting relief. To achieve continued relief, consume a pack of these tasty best CBD gummies for maximum results.

  • Fights Inflammation

CBD in products like CBD edible gummies offers powerful anti-inflammatory benefits to the consumer. It is highly useful in getting relief from IBD, Gastritis, Colitis, and more. As the gut ingests these gummies, they offer reliable support to fight off inflammation.

  • Promotes Better Sleep

Many people these days find it a bit hard to enjoy a deep sleep due to a hectic schedule and lifestyle. Fortunately, the CBD inside these gummies works to help promote a healthy sleep through the absorption of CBD to the endocannabinoid system.


There is no doubt that the CBD edibles gummies are a great option to fight inflammation, and help with the lack of sleep. However, one should never forget that it is the best option for those who want to enjoy a CBD product without having to undergo the ‘high,’ which THC produces. There are many brands on the market and you should begin with lower doses until you understand what works best for your body. An excellent option, which has been 3rd-party tested to ensure efficacy and is free of TCH would be PCR Extract "Zen Kala Gold" Gummies. CBD edible gummies offer a unique way to relive childhood fun, and at the same time, receive many medical benefits.

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