Meal Planning & Recipes

Meal Prep & Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle: Join Clare Morrow & Tiffany Harlick in the kitchen!  “80% of this is diet – you can’t outrun your fork”

Does this sound familiar? You are running out the door and don’t have time to pack a healthy snack. You have a cup (pot) of coffee and that tides you over until the afternoon, but by then you are starving! So you run out to get a quick bite and anything will do. Or how about this familiar scene: you go to the grocery store for some carrot sticks and hummus and come back with six bags full of unhealthy snacks? We all do it. Life gets busy and we don’t take the time to meal prep. The saying is true: you can’t outrun your fork. No matter how precise your workout plan is, poor eating choices will prevent you from meeting your health goals.

Consider that it only takes twenty-one days to change a habit. What if you committed the next three weeks to change your eating habits by changing the way you plan to eat. Fitness expert Clare Morrow, an IFBB Pro, in conjunction with Tiffany Harlick the author of Trail Food Diaries, give you their professional tips on meal preparation and planning, to help you maximize your health goals and feel better than ever.

Gather the many recipes we will be offering and learn how eating Healthy will get your life back on track!

If you discover you’re hesitant to do proper meal planning because you perceive it will take too much time…. OR if you are tired of the same old recipes, these recipes are for you!

Our goal is to give you inspiration in the kitchen with recipes that will make you feel great and include the different cultural flavors Tiffany has written about in her Trailer Food Diaries collection of books.  It's a win-win!  Sign-up here and get these in your inbox

Also, our informational videos on herbs, found within our YouTube Channel, are designed to give you a deeper insight on what specific herbs offer for your health and well-being.  So subscribe to learn more about the healing effects of Mother Nature. 

Our team is here to teach you how important herbs can be in your overall health plan.  Discover how herbal raw materials are used in our products and why.

Tiffany Harelik
Tiffany Harelik
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Clare and Randy Morrow
Clare and Randy Morrow
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