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When our pets aren’t healthy it devastates us!

Like you, we want to do everything possible for our animal-family to keep them happy and healthy. Erin West, our resident veterinarian teaches us more about the ailments that most commonly plague our four-legged companions. Let Erin give you advice on how a natural approach coupled with modern science can improve your pet's health.  With our natural herbal pet products and your newly found knowledge, you will now have the power to provide a helping hand to your loyal pets.

Our informational videos on herbs and their healing qualities will offer a deeper insight on what specific herbs offer for your health and well-being.  These educational videos or doctor inspired webinars can be found on our YouTube Channel.  So subscribe to learn more about the healing effects of Mother Nature and natural herbs. We'll send you new and exciting informational videos designed to teach you about natural herbs and their healing effects on the body.

Each are designed to teach you how important herbs can be in your overall health plan for you and your pet.  Discover how these raw materials are used in our products and why.

Erin West, Veterinarian
Erin West, Vet
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