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Are you ready to see a change in your life? Join Clare and Randy Morrow as they teach you how to get your day started with workouts for beginners or pros, young or elderly!

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 Our fitness instructors offer exercises and tips through DVD's and scheduled Webinars that help you make the most of your workouts. Here you will gain confidence taught by our IFBB pro fitness expert Clare Morrow with help from her husband Randy Morrow. Exercises designed to give you simple, actionable insights that will rejuvenate your life. Their personal coaching via these DVD's and Webinar workout sessions will jump-start you on the path of renewed fitness!

 I asked Clare if she could share any secrets about her workouts, meal prep or training. “There are a few things I wished I would have known when I started,” she said.

  • Eating 5 times a day, small healthy meals will help speed up your metabolism. Keep good fuel in your body.
  • Do your cardio first thing in the morning when you get up on an empty stomach with water.
  • Invest in a good trainer or a program written out for you.
  • Eat the right carbs: they help your brain and muscles. Eat them during the first part of the day before and after your workout. I don’t eat carbs past 3p.
  • 80% of this is your diet - you can’t outrun your fork!
  • If you have ‘skinny fat’ – fill it out with muscle.
  • Muscle recovery is also a big thing in our world. You essentially injure (your muscles) to rebuild. So recovery is key, and you will find many products on our site to help with this!

Clare's personal workout sessions are available in our store via her Home Body to Hard Body DVD's. Also, please sign up for more information on upcoming fitness Webinars to get your health back on track!

Clare Morrow and Randy Morrow
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