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Our mission at More Natural Healing is to obtain superior quality ingredients by using the best that nature has given, so we can produce excellent products for you and your pet.

Our desire is to fulfill customers’ expectations with safe, high-quality herbal products that enrich life!

At more More Natural Healing, we partner with manufacturers that employ Quality Control (QC) teams which carefully monitor the ingredients of our products. The QC teams are FDA registered and carry a Certification of cGMP for quality of manufacturing practices - multiple methods of testing occur during and after the manufacturing process: in-house microbial testing and utilization of an FTIR machine* are a few examples. Third party analysis, stability testing and heavy metal testing, is performed to ensure safety and quality. Our manufacturers provide all necessary testing documentation to ensure you receive superior natural products.

*FTIR uses interferometry to record information about a material placed in the IR beam. The Fourier Transform results in spectra that analysts can use to identify or quantify the material.



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