Pure Berberine - 600 mg

Pure Berberine - 600 mg
Pure Berberine - 600 mg
Pure Berberine - 600 mg

Pure Berberine - 600 mg

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Our Berberine Supplement is an advanced Pure Berberine containing 1200 mg of Berberine HCI per serving. 

Our capsules are easy to swallow, vegetarian, and convenient.


Berberine can come from many sources including goldenseal and Oregon grapes. This formula uses Berberis Aristata as our source of Berberine ensuring you receive a quality form of Berberine. 

Research has shown Pure Berberine may help with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and skin issues like burns and canker sores, according to MedlinePlus.gov. It's also been shown to help people with type 2 diabetes because it appears to help regulate blood sugar, also according to MedlinePlus.gov.

Many research studies on Berberine have been done at a level of 1,000 mg - 1,500 mg. Our Pure Berberine is 1200mg of Berberine per capsule to help you achieve optimal levels of this potent plant alkaloid with fewer capsules per day.

Keep in mind that with nutraceuticals, they’re natural and work with your body’s chemistry to produce desired effects over time. Pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, are synthetically created to hack your body’s chemistry for a more immediate and dramatic effect. The keyword here being.... "synthetic".  We personally believe that adding synthetic chemicals to your body can cause more harm than good!

Our products are:

GMP Compliant - Certified Lab Tested - Made in the USA



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