Colon Care

Colon Care - More Natural Healing
Colon Care - More Natural Healing

Colon Care

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Detoxify - Cleanse - Regularity

Is your Colon Working Properly?

Use effective natural laxatives like fiber, and other nutrients rich herbs that work together to support your body’s normal cleansing process.  Use Herbs which help calm the intestinal lining and supports your body with Lactobacillus Acidophilus to help promote healthy levels of bacteria in the intestinal tract.

The colon is meant to push undigested food - waste - out and allow the body to absorb healthy nutrients and minerals. 

Processed foods and foods with little fiber are slow movers in the colon and tend to block the colon like a slow car in front of the fast cars - foods high in fiber are the fast cars. This way some "buildup of waste" can occur.

Regularity means you should eat one meal and evacuate one. What if you ate three meals each day and only evacuated two meals instead of three? After 1 week, your colon would still have the residue from 7 meals stuck in the intestinal tract.

These herbs have a powerful internal cleansing effect on the body and should be taken for just 15 days. For optimal cleansing use Colon Care only once every eight weeks. This product may have a mild diuretic (urinary tract) and laxative cleansing effect.

  • Aid's in Healthy Digestion
  • Helps Eliminate Toxins
  • Contains Detoxifying Herbal Blend

Eliminate your body's toxins so that you can reach your fitness goals faster! 

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