Yoga Pilates Resistance Exercise Bands

Yoga Pilates Resistance Exercise Bands
Yoga Pilates Resistance Exercise Bands

Adding in stretchy bands to your workout routine can increase your overall results!  Adding a band curl sculpts your biceps, and holding the reclined position as you move your arms increases the challenge on your core.  

Try these resistant bands on your next workout and start seeing results!

Function: Legs
Department Name: Women
Model Number: Resistance Band 001
Application: Resistance Band
Band: Elastic band Tension Resistance Band
Apply for: Exercise Loop Crossfit Strength Weight Training Fitness
Color: red, blue, grey, yellow
Function: Muscle Relex Apparatus, Yoga Pilates, fitness exercise
Function: Stretching and Flexibility
Tensile Strength: 4 Type
Material: Natural Latex
Type: Good for ankles, calves, knees, thighs or wrists

  • |Yellow | 500mm*50mm*0.45mm/ 19in*2in*0.018in

  • | Blue | 500mm*50mm*0.55mm/ 19in*2in*0.021in

  • | Red | 500mm*50mm*0.65mm/ 19in*2in*0.025in

  • | Gray | 500mm*50mm*0.9mm/ 19in*2in*0.035in

Yoga Pilates Resistance Exercise Bands

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