Honesty. This word describes our founders, doctors, and the team who have worked tirelessly to bring you powerful organic and natural formulas for your health. As I'm sure you’ve heard (and tasted), Green Science is a top-quality formulated superfood green drink. It’s bursting with the world’s most wanted herbs. It’s rich in antioxidants, full of collagen, amino acids, probiotics and more! It’s delightful with NO grassy after taste! Simply delicious!

Our other flagship product is Zen-Alleve which is a natural inflammation buster that helps with osteoarthritis, joint issues, fibromyalgia, and other painful debilitating issues.  This formula works hard at getting you daily relief, the natural way!

Our formulas are designed to work. That’s why we have Doctors and advisors on our team so that we can KNOW we are bringing you a great product that just works! For many people, it’s the only way they’ll EVER get their nutrients is through supplementation. Think about your family and friends: Do they need more sodas and sweets? Or could they use some more healing superfoods in their lives? That’s where YOU come in.

Here is your chance to make it happen for others. Imagine making a difference in someone’s life and how rewarding that can be!  Even if you have just a few followers. You could be the deciding factor that encourages someone to make their first healthy choice. Imagine just how good that would that feel?  Of course, you’ll see a deposit in your bank account too. It’s only fair. So, help get the word out there. Share your health secrets with the world!

Program Q and A:

How does the program work?

Becoming a More Natural Healing (MNH) ambassador or affiliate means that you will join a team of dedicated people who believe in natural quality ingredients and offering a superior product. You’ll start earning 20% commissions on customers that you refer to MNH who make a purchase on We thank you for sending us your clients, friends, family, and community to our products and reward you through our GOAFFPRO app.  which keeps track of your sales, commissions and pays you a commission for sales you push to our site via YOUR PERSONAL LINK. More Natural Healing does all of the processing, payment, order fulfillment and the customer service for all sales. 

Sign up using this link "Affiliates Sign Up, Get Paid". Once your account is established, it will provide you with your personal link to distribute to potential customers.  That's all there is to it!

How do I get paid for my referrals?

We use the GOAFFPRO app that tracks your personal link that you send to customers. When someone clicks your link, cookies, and tagging in our software identifies them as “your referral” and when they finally purchase, it lets us know and we credit your account. Payout of your account balance happens 30 days after the sale.  If we engage with an outside affiliate programs, like ShareASale, payouts will come through their systems. 

Does it cost anything to be an MNH ambassador/affiliate?

Becoming an ambassador/affiliate is free to join, however, there is an approval process. Not everyone that applies will automatically be given this status. After your application is submitted our internal team will make sure you are a good fit for our brand.

How do I ask questions about setup?

Setting up an account is easy through the GOAFFPRO software. However, if you have additional questions, simply fill out the INQUIRY FORM HERE and submit your questions. Based on demand please give us 24 business hours to respond to your questions.

How do I qualify?

We are open to everyone applying to our program, and we are looking for passionate people who share our vision for health and wellness, as well as being aligned with our social media goals. We reserve the right to add ambassadors/affiliates, or even cancel those relationships at any time if advertising materials are misused, no longer aligned with our company philosophy, or are used in any objectionable way; e.g. foul language, violence, discrimination, illegal activities and so on. It is the right of MNH to determine if material is being misused at any time for any reason. 

How do I get started?

Go to the link Affiliates Sign Up, Get Paid and get started!  Once you’re accepted, you’ll get all of your login information, and resources. If you’re not accepted we will still drop you a message.


You’ll get access to all of your links, banners, logos, and other promotional material to use on your social media accounts and websites. You will instantly be able to earn commissions on every referral.




If you have any questions, feel free to email


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