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Doctors Licenses and Scope of Answers through the Quiz the Doc option:

  • See Terms of Service Agreement which covers all questions, but a few GENERAL answers are here.

    1. Doctors cannot diagnose through a forum

    2. Doctors are licensed in the State of Texas only

    3. Doctors have practices within the State of Texas only

    4. Doctors can give generalized answers to health questions

Product Questions:

  • Why buy More Natural Healing?

    1. More Natural Healing is dedicated to providing services to improve your health and provide quality health products produced by people that care about your wellness and enriched lifestyle.

    2. Same day shipping Monday through Friday (orders placed before 5:00PM CST).

    3. A generous and simple return policy.

      • How do you ensure the quality, potency, and purity of More Natural Healing products?

        We have specific specs for each of our products. The ingredients in our products are sustainably sourced and are free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. Each ingredient is tested for potency and purity utilizing the most technologically advanced scientifically validated methods, such as Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR); this method ensures our products are free of dangerous microbes and heavy metals, and it confirms that active ingredients are present at optimum levels. Our manufacturers provide certification of the requested ingredients with the validity of the amounts in each product.

        • What is the shelf life of your products?

          Each product is clearly stamped with an expiration date. Location of the expiration date varies based on the product’s packaging.

          • Are any of your ingredients organic?

            Yes; we choose certified organic ingredients whenever possible. Organic ingredients noted on each product’s label.

            • Why does More Natural Healing use plastic bottles?

              At More Natural Healing, we take multiple factors into account in making decisions; including, customer service, economics, and our impact on the environment. The plastic we use is PET #1, it is highly recyclable. Fewer natural resources (e.g., water, electricity) are used in the production of plastic bottles versus glass.

              • Are More Natural Healing’s products produced in the United States?

                Yes, all products we manufacturer, are made in the USA. Our manufacturers are cGMP Certified and FDA approved facilities.

                • Why should I sign up for our Newsletter?

                  Signing up for our Newsletter will keep you informed of upcoming SPECIALS and GIVEAWAYS along with information about our Virtual Webinar Courses and give you the latest in herbal advancements.

                  • What kind of product(s) would you recommend for my specific condition

                    The QUIZ THE DOC forum is available on a daily or monthly basis designed to give you an opportunity to ask questions of our doctors and board members.  We do not, however, “treat” a consumer/customer via this forum and if you have a specific condition we recommend that you see your personal doctor. We are here to educate and give generalized recommendations based upon experience. Please review the Terms of Service link for more information.

                    • Can I modify my order?

                    At More Natural Healing, we believe your health is the best investment you’ll ever make, therefore, you should get the return on your investment as quickly as possible. The dedication of our in-house shipping team process orders for shipping within minutes of placement, as a result, we cannot modify an order once it is confirmed.

                    • Can I pay by check?

                      We will offer this opportunity in the future.  When this is available, you can pay by check or certified money order. An order made by this method is to be placed on hold until the check clears. Once payment is received from the bank the order will be fulfilled and shipped.

                      • Can I order by phone?

                        Unfortunately no.  However, you can email us at info@morenaturalhealing.com and one of our customer service reps will be happy to help you order via your browser.  We are an online company only and do not have a brick & mortar presence.  Please email us between 8a-5p CST time zone, and we will do our best to help you process your order via your home browser.

                        • When will I receive my order?

                          Review the Shipping & Returns Link at the bottom of the Home Page.

                          • What is your return policy?

                            Review the Shipping & Returns Link at the bottom of the Home Page.

                            • What is the status of my shipment?

                              Answers vary and generally depends on the order. Staffers monitor all purchases processed and can give tracking numbers if they are available. The day your order is shipped, you will receive notification via email.

                              • What if I don’t receive my order?

                                E-mail us your shipping information and your order number at info@morenaturalhealing.com, and we'll contact you after we've checked with our mail providers and suppliers to determine the cause of the delay.

                                • What if I receive the wrong product?

                                  All orders are verified in our system prior to shipping, but occasionally mistakes do happen. If your order is incorrect in any way, please contact us at info@morenaturalhealing.com, and we'll take it from there.

                                  • How do I cancel my subscription?

                                    You may request cancellation of the subscription to our Newsletter by sending us a CANCELLATION REQUEST to info@morenaturalhealing.com

                                    • Do you have a referral program?

                                      Share the Healing Referral Program - Receive a coupon off your next order by referring a friend that purchases a product! See our link to this program for more information.

                                      Couldn’t find your answer? Send your question to info@morenaturalhealing.com

                                      We do our best to reply in 24 to 48 hours



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