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Our community is full of incredible professionals who are bringing you their expertise on how to live your healthiest life.

Pulling from Western, Eastern and Ayurveda disciplines, we strive for balance and harmony in our lives as well as our pet’s lives. No matter how you are feeling today, our team of alternative health experts has a complete toolkit to ensure you have everything you need to feel vibrant. We offer webinars and programs to teach you about herbs and how to best utilize them, along with providing extensive knowledge regarding natural health for people and pets. Other benefits and areas of discussion are available on how to get fit and stay fit with our fitness experts, soothing your life with yoga and an added bonus on how to write your own book!

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  • Get inspired by our own pain management detective and acupuncturist Dr. Stefanie Dwyer, who leads our online herb school and offers tips on living pain-free. Our herb school webinar program is a series of fun, educational videos, and newsletters that teach you about each of the raw materials we use in our products. Join her on monthly webinars to “learn about the herbs” and the power of adding them to your arsenal of promoting wellbeing. Sign-up for our monthly newsletter to discover what she will be speaking about during her next event!
  • Find out how to help your pets and learn from Dr. Erin West our resident Vet extraordinaire!  She will dive into subjects like hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament injuries and renal disease that will give you the knowledge to help our 4-legged companions.  With our natural herbal pet products and your newly found knowledge, you will now have the power to provide a helping hand! Sign-up for our monthly newsletter to discover what she will be speaking about during her next webinar event!
  • Gain strength and confidence with our fitness experts Clare Morrow & Randy Morrow, who leads our fitness corner to give you diet and exercise insights that will rejuvenate your life. Both will give you webinars that are designed for beginners to seniors and all in-between.  Their personal coaching in these sessions combined with our amazing workout DVD products will jump-start you on the path of renewed fitness! Our fitness pros can help you find the best routine for your body and help you combined exercise with the natural supplements you will need, to get in your best fitness shape matched to your overall goals.
  • Access Tiffany Harelik in our webinars, to better unlock your writer’s block or to simply learn how to publish your first e-book. Her knowledge spans 12 personal cookbooks with the “Trailer Food Diaries” series. She has lectured on food culture all over the globe including engagements in Europe, the Caribbean and the United States.Tiffany’s goal is to give other authors an easy and fun pathway to publishing culinary/travel and metaphysical books. She will give you the tools you need to write your first cookbook in 3 months or less and will share a lot of her journey with you so you don't have to make rookie mistakes. Starting in 2000, Tiffany Harelik also apprenticed with astrology masters for several years prior to starting her own astrological consulting. She has written the astrology column for various magazines and publications and writes the monthly forecast for Wise Skies Astrology. Her specialty is helping you plan your week, month, and year according to the best timing of the planets.  She can guide you on the best approach for your next book ideas!
  • Get free of anxiety and stress, as our Yoga instructor Shelby Pollard, will discuss how Yoga can benefit your life. She can help you get more focused and balanced, as your body will benefit from the various yoga techniques she can teach. Her webinars will provide you with knowledge and suggestions of what techniques will work best for your body, as well as recommend some natural supplements and soothing aromatherapy options to aid in your personal healing process.


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