What Can I Do To Stay Out Of The Hospital When I Get Older?

What Can I Do To Stay Out Of The Hospital When I Get Older?
It becomes essential to consciously take care of your health while you are young to avoid health issues when you get old & wish to lead a slower yet happier & healthier life. In order to do so, you have to take certain things into consideration from maintaining a fitness routine, & eating healthy food.

Mixing an Rx With Your Dietary Supplements, Is This Deadly?

Mixing an Rx With Your Dietary Supplements, Is This Deadly?

Are you taking over the counter medications or prescription drugs alongside other dietary supplements like herbal, vitamins, and minerals supplements? Is mixing dietary supplements and OTC or prescription medication really safe and risk-free? What are the most common dietary supplements and herbs that should not be taken with medications? Let us find out here.

Top 5 Supplements You Should Be Taking After 40

Top 5 Supplements You Should Be Taking After 40

It is said that life starts after 40. The days of extreme struggles are over, and you have earned sufficient wealth to have a comfortable lifestyle. By this time, kids also start taking care of themselves, and everything seems good. However, to live life to the fullest after 40, one needs to take proper care of your health so you don’t fall victim to old-age ailments!

Get Relief From Arthritis Related Pain with a Natural Approach

natural pain relief from arthritis

Arthritis can be caused by a number of reasons, aging, being overweight, lack of proper nutrition all can be contributing factors that cause the condition to deteriorate. Many doctors prefer to use medications to reduce the symptoms, but taking such medicines for a long period of time is simply not good for the body.

Anxiety, Stressed or Depressed? Brain Boosting Herbs to Calm the Distress

anxiety relief

A product of today’s world, stress is the number one complaint for doctors’ visits. Chronic, ongoing stress brings on anxiety and depression symptoms. Keep your stress levels lower with these herbs.

Coping with Lower Back Discomfort and Getting the Sleep You Need

lower back pain

Anyone who’s ever tried to get through the day after a night of disturbed sleep knows how difficult it can be to concentrate and stay mentally sharp. If you suffer from chronic back pain at night, you’re probably dealing with lack of sleep on a daily basis.

An Incredible Green Libation - Complete Superfood Drink

green science superfood drink

We’re not talking about just any blend, we’re speaking of Green Science a doctor formulated arrangement of 52 amazing fruits and veggies, that by-passes those awful tasting brands and actually taste great!

Effective Ways of Treating Insomnia & Other Sleep Disorders Naturally

ways to treat insomnia

Having chronic insomnia can be detrimental to the health. Insomnia, in general, is the inability of the body to go to sleep at night. It can also be the inability to get sufficient amount of sleep. Here are some home remedies that you may use to help you get a better quality sleep.

Fighting Flu Season with Acupuncture

Fighting Flu Season

While the flu is actually not a season, we have become programmed to think it only affects people during the months of November - March. Acupuncture, healing herbs, and natural herbal products can put the flu at bay.

Why Choose Ayurvedic Herbal Products Over Synthetic Drugs?

natural healing herbs

Herbs are natural plants that play an important role for helping underlying health issues in a human’s life. When it comes to natural healing products, Ayurveda herbal products take the brownie points. No matter what health issue you are dealing with, the right dose of herbs and the correct healing herbal remedies can certainly make a difference.

Top 5 Tips for Buying Natural Herbs Online

Top 5 Tips for Buying Natural Herbs Online

Natural herbs are the latest fad these days. With a healthy lifestyle becoming the norm, both young and old are looking to buy natural herbs online to enhance the quality of their life.

Herbs to Boost Metabolism

Herbs to Boost Metabolism
In a world of a constant bombardment of free-radicals, it's good to know that  Mother Nature happily provides us with plant medicines to help support our bodies through illness, stress, and hormone imbalance.


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