Green Science Ambassadors:

We set out on a journey to find people across social media that believe as we do that our bodies benefit from Collagen and healthy Greens.  In that search we have partnered with some awesome individuals that use our Green Science product in their daily lives, posting numerous times on their own social media accounts about the benefits they receive in using this product.

Amy M.

“I jump-start my day everyday with a Super Food that has been extracted from greens yet developed by science! It works and helps me feel and look better than ever! My hair has grown at least 1/2 an inch and my nails are amazing! I’m certain my “joints” are healing as well! You have to taste this stuff!”

Brian H.

“Let’s face it, I don’t eat as many green foods as I should… but with Green Science, I know my body is getting a healthy portion of what it lacks! This Super Green drink taste great too and I’ve tasted many! This one tops my list of best products for 2018!”

Bobbi Parker Hall

“I love the way this product gives me energy and helps my thinking feel clearer. Since I have been through menopause I often feel more foggy with my thinking but this product really helps that. I do believe it might be related to how this product helps with my digestion. I also love the collagen and notice a difference in my skin and nails.”

Jason Maxim

“Great product! Best tasting greens I have put in smoothies. Love that it has collagen. Lots of choices out there, but this one is a great value for the money! I get my daily boost of energy with Green Science, which is packed full of superfood ingredients that help to balance my life and well-being."

Carolina Martinez

"My energy is different after using my new found Green Science collagen product, I feel more active! Sometimes you don’t give your body what it really needs, that’s why we have some cravings, our body is begging for nutrients. Now, adding greens, collagen, amino acids, fruits and lots of vitamins, are making me feel satisfied with all my nutrition, my hair, nails, and skin look really healthy."

Helen Fritsch

"Loving my Green Science + Collagen Complete, anti-aging, keto friendly, natural green powder drink! It's the best investment I’ve made for my health and fitness lifestyle!"

Shelby Pollard

"This product has helped me keep my metabolism up and my motivation strong in the gym. It keeps my hair and skin looking healthy too! I used it daily in my smoothies and know I'm receiving great superfood for my body and fitness health."

Lynsay Brown

"Since I started putting one scoop of ‘Green Science +Collagen Complete’ in my morning post workout smoothie, I have noticed a significant increase in energy and a vast improvement in digestion. I also have noticed a serious improvement in my skin. Our skin health and outward appearance reflects what’s going on in our internal environments and our guts."



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