Our Story
A Simple Idea

We started with a board full of big ideas and a simple desire.

Inspired to help others gain access to cutting-edge natural supplements and provide availability to a strategic team of experts, CEO and founder Bobbie Pollard cultivated her passion for the health of her family and her pets, to develop More Natural Healing (MNH). This passion to acquire wellness from nature spurred a search for an incredible dream team that comprises the Board of Advisors for MNH. These healing solutions and formulations can’t be found elsewhere and were developed by some of the brightest minds in natural healing! The team further wanted to combine their efforts to help people understand the root causes of their problems, by offering their services in the way of advice, solutions, and recommendations. Thus, the Quiz the Doc program was formed. This program will provide access to answers about natural remedies from a handpicked team of professionals for families and their pets! This program coupled with the fitness programs our team will offer combined with proprietary healing formulas and solutions are designed to help reduce the need for pharmaceutical products.  Our goal is to provide solutions that are an amazing alternative to self-care today! We want our customers to ask questions of us and their own doctor's about these products and their uses.  With our cutting-edge alternative herbal remedies and this wellness approach, we wish to benefit both humans and pets alike. Our mission is to provide access to experts and products not found in stores or elsewhere online, made from the best natural ingredients available. Our products, programs, and associated advice are designed to support naturally sustainable wellbeing. It is our simple desire to help people and pets feel vibrant and healthy, no matter their age or starting point on the road to health, happy living.

We formed a plan

Before we knew it, our vision took shape.

With the right team in place, we worked together to launch More Natural Healing with a few key products.  Our flagship products Zen-Alleve and Green Science were developed with your health, wellness, and fitness in mind.  The results from these two products are amazing!  Our herbal remedies and advanced formulas set new standards in both quality and ingenuity.  These breakthrough products are doctor recommend and recognized to encourage the art of living well.

Now Shap the Future

And down the road, we see our evolution has no limits.

As we grow, we’re excited to help you and your family live an enriched healthy life. Our team is developing even more quality herbal products and strives to provide information on the botanical science behind our products, with upcoming webinars and articles that are available 24/7 to our customers. Our free newsletters will inspire, enlighten and encourage you to become the best version of yourself. Receive this information by providing your email address at the bottom of our site.



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