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9 Benefits of Flaxseed & How To Eat it


Flaxseed is a nutritious plant that has been useful in solving a number of issues for many years. It is one of the oldest crops, which originally was used as a fiber for clothing and yes...for wrapping ancient mummies! It was known as “linseed”.

After some years the use of flaxseed as outerwear stopped and soon in 4000 BC, it became common practice and known in the Mediterranean region for medicinal use.

Today, the herb is touted as a potent superfood and for good reason. The seeds are becoming more and more popular, so it’s easy to find them at a natural herb store. This natural food has vast benefits and should certainly become a staple in your house.

Here are some reasons why you should include Flaxseed in your diet:

1. Antioxidants and Minerals

Flaxseeds are bursting with lignans. Lignans are polyphenols found in plants. This seed is up to 800 times more powerful than any other plant. Accordingly, flaxseed, its lignans, and enterolactone have been studied for anticancer activity in vitro, in animal models, and among humans, with promising results. These lignans secure against oxidative damage and flaxseed have also been linked to having improved cardiovascular health, colon and prostate health, and cancer tumors. It basically protects your skin from aging due to pollution or poor diet.

Moreover, flaxseeds contain potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. In a way helping to fill the mineral gaps in diets.

2. Improves Digestion

Improving digestion is the forte of flaxseeds. They are rich in soluble and insoluble dietary fiber which helps in preventing constipation. Flaxseeds also behave as a laxative to handle constipation because of its high content of mucilage gums.

One of the good factors is that these gums become viscous or flowing at a minimal pH range of 6-8. This mucilage performs as an essential part of many laxatives, making flaxseed a wonderful natural laxative alternative.

3. Fights Cancer

Several studies suggest flaxseed may play an essential role in fighting cancer especially of the hormone-sensitive variety, such as breast cancer. This happens because the lignans convert into two substances in the gut, enterodiol, and enterolactone.

These substances crunch to estrogen receptor sites and it actually decreases absolute estrogen activity. Importantly when it comes to hormonal cancers, the high estrogen level can promote their growth. Flaxseeds can help fight hormonal cancers, like breast cancer.

Therefore, looking at the result, one study voiced that high levels of plant lignan intake were associated with decreased breast cancer risk. While other studies stated that flax lignans have shown promising effects in decreasing the growth of cancerous tumors.

4. Enhanced Brain Health

Flaxseed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It's especially high in a type of omega-3 called alpha-linolenic acid, which has been strongly connected to brain health. Some studies have suggested a deficiency in this fatty acid can result in brain deformations. Alpha-linolenic acid deficiency alters the structure and function of membranes and induces minor cerebral dysfunctions as demonstrated in animal models and subsequently in infants.

As the brain is the richest organ in lipids in our body, it makes sense that the nourishing fats like ALA would dictate its health. One of the most important parts about the essential fat is the fact that condition, the visual, intellectual, and cerebral ability.

5. Supports the Immune System

Flaxseeds are made of protein which includes a number of arginine and glutamine which supports your immune system. Glutamine in particular is known for its ability to decrease mortality and infection through the immune system and it supports the immune system.

Not only that but the seed contains bioactive peptides that are powerful enough to inhibit the malaria parasite in culture samples.

6. Promotes Weight Loss

The mucilage gum turns out to be insoluble fiber which can aid to suppress hunger by helping to delay the emptying of food from the stomach. This will help you feel fuller and keep you satisfied after meals for a longer time.

One of the reasons why nutritionists invariably suggest food high in fiber for weight loss.

7. Fight Diabetes

If a person suffering from diabetes consumes flaxseeds, it can positively offer protection by inhibiting expression of a gene. Flaxseeds help your body to regulate glucose levels. Diabetes Daily notes a Canadian study that showed subjects who consumed 50g of flaxseed in meals for four weeks experienced a 27 percent reduction in blood sugar levels after eating.

8. Improves Skin and Hair

Flax seed

One of the most ancient

natural herbal supplements 

to benefit your skin and hair is flaxseed. It improves the luster and shine of your hair and skin. The latest research supports supplement products containing flaxseed and finds that this essential fatty acid help in enhancing hair, skin, and nail growth.

Therefore, if you have scaly or rough skin and experience inefficient wound healing, flaxseeds would certainly help.

9. Lower Cholesterol

Flaxseed has one of the prominent contenders in the fight against high cholesterol. Many studies have shown that those who consume flaxseed experience an improved lipid profile and plasma glucose levels. Furthermore, it helps to improve the cholesterol markers and it improves vascular relaxation responses. Thus, resulting in reducing the chance for all kinds of cardiovascular conditions.

To Sum it all UP!

Utilizing flaxseeds is one of the best natural herb supplements since ancient times. Today, even studies are showing the clear nutritional benefit of flaxseed, in a variety of forms. Overall, it has been recognized as a great product or superfood to boost the fatty acid content while reducing the amount of sugar, salt, and saturated fat within the body. Adding this ancient seed to your diet on a daily basis can have outstanding results in your overall health.

Discover flaxseed products from your natural health store or from trusted available sources like More Natural Healing.

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